I'm like a genie

If the genie couldn't grant wishes

and could do more card tricks than a layman

but less card tricks than a magician

The coin magic is world-class.


You've found/created a whole new way to do some fundamental sleights that's significantly better than the standard fare.


I'm experiencing the same sense of joy and wonder that I got from the shuttle pass explanation in Coin Magic. 

Kent Gunn

 "Those are the Aces "is one of the best card effects I have seen with a normal deck – I loved it.

Charlie Pugsley

Jeremiah is an incredible artist and thinker, and I think it’s absurd that he says he’s “not a coin guy.” His work on a move he calls “The Drop” is absolutely groundbreaking, and the good news is that I think I will be able to do it! This one move serves as the foundation for an incredible series of routines that will blow your mind. If you’re like me, and practicality, naturalness, and above all, good angles are paramount for you, you’re gonna love this stuff!

Jack Carpenter

That was awesome!

Joe Cole

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