For those clubs that are looking for a healthy mix of coin and card magic, I will begrudgingly attempt to get my brain to do the critical thinking necessary to attempt to do both in one night.

The Drop - A move that has become the foundation of my coin magic and literally the most popular thing I do for magicians.


A Four Coin Trick - Four coins vanish without you once closing your hands around any of them.  Reproduce them, produce six more, then vanish all ten!


No Touch Coins Across - Three coins travel from one hand to the other ... no recounting and the hands truly never come together!

Card Under Box - A classic of card magic.  I have one important touch up and one new move that makes this one of the relatively easiest and most effective card under box routines you could learn.  


Those Are the Aces - Productions, sandwiches, transpositions, oh my.  Your audience will leave feeling like they saw special effects in person.


Queens Across - Four cards vanish one at a time from your hands only to reappear inside the box.

And much more!

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© 2020 by Jeremiah Zuo 

Elgin, Illinois