Get ready for a lecture that will change your life ... or ruin it.  I'm not sure which.  

I have put together a lecture filled with twists, one turn, time travel, a serial killer hunt, and questionable sandwich fillings.


And all you will need is a deck of cards to follow along.


You'll learn some fun moves and tricks to practice, and lots of ways to incorporate the card box into your magic.  What could have just been a carrying case is now a bona fide magic prop.




Card Under Box - A classic of card magic.  I have one important touch up and one new move that makes this one of the relatively easiest and most effective card under box routines you could learn.  


Those Are the Aces - Productions, sandwiches, transpositions, this routine looks like special effects from start to finish.


Queens Across - Four cards vanish one at a time from your hands only to reappear inside the box.


One-to-Go Box Please! - The world's most surprising card sandwich.


Scary Movie Card Trick - A fun story trick with a twist ending!  


Hollingworth for Mortals - A torn and restored card routine fit to be finale, yet easy on the fingers!

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© 2020 by Jeremiah Zuo 

Elgin, Illinois