Get ready for lots of clinking metal and lots of fun.  I'm bringing an all coin lecture to town.  But don't walk out the door because you don't have to have palms of steel to follow along!  I will let you in on arguably my greatest secret.  Lots of folks think I am a coin guy.  I am not.  I am a card man at heart.  But I will teach you how I fool people into thinking otherwise and how you too can fool people into thinking you are a coin guy.  By mastering one move and related applications, you too will look like a coin master.  Maybe even a coin ninja.


Among other things I will teach

The Drop - A move that has become the foundation of my coin magic and literally the most popular thing I do for magicians.


A Four Coin Trick - Four coins vanish without you once closing your hands around any of them.  Reproduce them, produce six more, then vanish all ten!


No Touch Coins Across - Three coins travel from one hand to the other ... no recounting and the hands truly never come together!


HeavenBound Spellbound - Produce three coins one at a time, all while they change back and forth between American and Chinese

I may even demo some of my other favorites ...

Follow the China Man - A magically packed and logically presented matrix.

A Trick With a Cow - My signature, sit-down, coin routine.  Spellbound, transpositions, assemblies, it has got 'em all.


And lots more!

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© 2020 by Jeremiah Zuo 

Elgin, Illinois