A Working Red Tear Strip VOL 1 (DIGITAL)

Welcome to the inaugural volume of A Working Red Tear Strip.  If you are a subscriber, then you have already gotten a peak at this material.  But if you missed some of the tricks, or you just wanted to support me, get all four tricks in a handsomely put together PDF.


StairCase: A flashy four ace production that introduces a very effective single card production that you could apply in many situations.


Great Expectations: This volume's "indie magic."  An Oil and Water type trick that ends with ... nothing happening.  Sound weird?  Give it a shot.


The Great Paper Elevator: A take on the classic elevator card trick that throws in a card to pocket and deck to shoe for good measure.


Invisible Ink: A one coin sequence with an interesting premise and appropriate magic to match.

A Working Red Tear Strip VOL 1 (DIGITAL)

  • 50 Pages of Magic

    Four Tricks

    New Sleights

    Fully Illustrated

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