Coin Monster

Danny is a real deal coin magician.  Or coin monster.  His technique is scary good and his magic makes me cry from jealousy.  I was honored to be able to write and illustrate his first release.


Chicago Magic Bash is proud to unleash the “Coin Monster” on the magic community!


“Beware, the Coin Monster lives! Brought to life to foist scary good magic upon the unsuspecting public, its wonders are devious, visual fun that left the townspeople amazed, but frightened. Get your copy before they reach the castle!” - Curtis Kam 


"Intelligent art is a conversation with the history of the art form. Danny Cheng, in his booklet, Coin Monster, puts you in the room where the conversation on coin magic is happening." -Makoto



When the talented close up magician Danny Cheng expressed interest in releasing some of his beautiful coin magic to the magic community we jumped at the opportunity to be involved in the project.  Coin Monster is a booklet of 3 visually stunning and practical coin magic routines created by Danny. This is magic Danny uses in his professional performances. 


The routines included are:


Mirage Coins Kai - A vanish and reproduction of three coins with a beautiful ending display. Based on Rune Klan's Mirage Coins. 


1x4, 4x1+1 - This is an opening sequence that Danny uses for an Okito Box routine that uses four silver coins and one odd coin. The sequence allows you to magically produce all five coins in a whimsical way, instead of just opening the box and displaying the coins for a lackluster start.


Super Standing Hoard - A version of Geoff Latta's Standing Hoard: a beautiful sequence of coins being produced, vanished, made to travel from hand to hand, and then finally vanishing for good. The idea is that the coins seem to have their own minds and misbehave, with an aesthetic much like Tony Slydini's One Coin Routine. Danny’s contribution was to employ the Super Triple Gimmick to do the heavy lifting without sacrificing any of the beauty of this wonderful classic of magic.


This is Danny’s first release to the magic community and what a way to start! 


Videos of the routines can be found at:


4x1, 1x4, +1

(Starting at 1:08)


Standing Hoard Super


Mirage Coins Kai

(There is a  little 3 coin production that is not in the book at the beginning of this clip) 

Coin Monster


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