Institutes of a Coin Magic Fan

Finally! - Tom Dobrowolski


This is the best collection of effective and intelligent coin magic you'll ever see from a guy who refuses to call himself a coin magician. Take this home, learn Jeremiah's secrets, and show him something that'll convince him he's actually really good at this. - Curtis Kam


That 'No Touch Coins Coins Across' is absolute perfection. Jeremiah, you are a deliciously evil thinker - Jack Carpenter


Welcome to Volume 2 of Fandom Magic Thoughts!  The focus of this volume is coin magic. Arguably my most popular material is contained in this highly detailed and meticulously illustrated volume (just under 120 illustrations!). The centerpiece of the Institutes is the Drop, a technique that I have been using to impress and delight lay audiences and magicians for the better part of the last two decades. 


The Drop - A unique, versatile, and fooling technique. Learn the basic vanish, shuttlepass and change, various click passes, false counts, and other context specific techniques all built on the core mechanic.


No Touch Coins Across - Three coins start in one hand and travel one-at-a-time to the other, without the hands ever touching or the magician needing to recount or reposition the coins.


A "Four" Coin Trick - Four coins vanish one-at-a-time, apart from the magician's control, and to his frustration. For the finale, the magician reproduces all four, and then a few extra for good measure, and then cleanly vanishes all of the coins.


A "Four" Coin Trick 2 - An ungaffed version of the former trick.


Linguistic Determinism (A "Five" Coin Trick) - Another handling in the same genre as the previous two tricks.  Purportedly explain how magicians lie with their words by showing that each time your verbage changes, reality changes to match.


Reframing Three-Fly - A new physical presentation to employ with the visual coins across mechanics. The handling provided here gives an entertaining way to present the trick and a reliable (and easy!) way to cleanly ditch the extra coin.


Wild Coin (Coins, Purse, No Glass) - Three Chinese coins are placed in a coin purse. Three silver dollars visually change into the Chinese coins. The silver coins are found inside the purse.


Homing Coin (Wild Coin 2) - Another way to utilize the basic changes taught in the previous routine.


Heavenbound Spellbound (Wild Coin 3) - Produce three coins one at a time, each time changing the coins back and forth between silver dollars and Brass Chinese coins.


Revisiting Trio - A full formal performance inspired by Gary Kurtz' "Trio" and "Misty Like a Dream," and showcasing the power of the Drop. Seemlessly weaves much of what has been taught earlier in the booklet into a modular showpiece.


Institutes of a Coin Magic Fan

  • 61 Pages

    Beautifully Illustrated

    Private Vimeo Collection of Video Demos and Additional Tricks and Ideas

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