It's Just a Stage

Trent James is a real magician.  A talented and entertaining performer, close-up or on stage.  So everything I hope to be when I grow up.


I have known Trent for many years and I had the privilege of illustrating these notes.  So you should probably buy them just for the pictures.  





6 Updated Stand-Up/Close-Up classics by professional magician, Trent James.


An excerpt from his Introduction:


“When I started performing professionally, I quickly learned you must be flexible to be successful. No two shows are the same. Your setup, angles, and tricks must be adaptable to fit the situation. The following routines have saved me a handful of times, as they can play onstage or up close and will engage adult and family audiences alike. On top of being flexible, most of the tricks are solo pieces, which tend to be rare, but ideal to build a solid show.” - Trent James


The Routines:


Close-Up Color Changing Silk - Trent's walk-around opener.


Cut and Restored Rope - This is a great touch up on the classic cut and restored rope for regular workers.


Ring on Rope - My second favorite bit in the notes.  This is a beautiful closing sequence for a ring on rope routine where the rope melts off the ring, without you touching the rope at all.


Root Beer Float - A fun routine in the spirit of the classic Silk to Egg.


The Shrinking Card - A handling of the shrinking deck plot that was developed after seeing Curtis Kam's version during a lecture. The original shrinking fan was traditionally a stage bit, but this routine s designed for walk around settings, including giving away a shrunken card as a souvenir. 


The Next, Spot Card - This is my favorite thing in the notes.  Not the type of magic that I do at all, but it is such an improvement on an old trick that as a magic fan I cannot help but admire it.  A take on the classic "What's Next?" with a much better aesthetic, great choreography, and a conceptually consistent double-kicker ending.  This really looks special effects and reminds my fondly of reading the Books of Wonder, because just like Tommy Wonder, Trent teaches in detail how to make your own!  



It's Just a Stage

  • 46 pages

    Fully Illustrated