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Get the Volumes now!

I really stink at filming.  I do not know anything about video editing.


However, I really like writing and illustrating.  I do not consider myself a particularly good writer.  But I do think my illustrating continues to improve as my styles and tools constantly evolve.  I also really like magic.  And magic journals are awesome.

The problem with magic journals is that small-time publishers bite off more than they can chew and then they go belly-up.  I solved this by not charging anything.  Boom, that way I can never owe anyone anything.  Genius right?

My plan is to email one trick every month to my subscribers.  That is a super manageable pace.  I am already ahead with write-ups and illustrations and am exercising discipline so as to stick to once a month. 

Then every four months I will bind the tricks into a little set of notes that people can buy.  So if you really liked the tricks and just wanted to support me, or if you missed some and they sound good, you can get a handsome hardcopy of the material.  

Honestly, what I am most pleased with in this whole little endeavor is the title of the project.  I have decided to call it A Working Red Tear Strip.  If you do not get the joke, you will have to wait for the first bound volume for explanation.


A Monthly "Journal"